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Start using the Avangate API


Use the Avangate API to:

  • Build apps that connect to the Avangate system
  • Place and manage orders
  • Manage subscriptions and customers
  • Create, update and extract product catalog and pricing information for your account
  • Manage partner accounts
  • Integrate with Avangate to automate you backend operations

Connecting to the Avangate API

To connect to the API, you need your merchant code and secret key. We automatically generate these unique codes for your account.

Go ahead and retrieve them from the System settings page. Write down the merchant code and secret key found in the Instant Payment Notification area.

Architecture overview

For more details on how the Avangate API works, here's an overview based on the architecture used:

API Authentication

Use the merchant code and secret key to authenticate with the API. Click the links below to learn how to authenticate:

Read the API documentation

Once you've authenticated with the API, you can start configuring your environment for your specific usage scenario.

Our API documentation should help you get things done as fast as possible.

3rd party applications

You can build apps that connect to the Avangate system to expand existing functionalities and gain more insight on your activity while optimize your sales. Click here to read the documentation for detailed guidance on how to build your own apps.

API libraries

Use the API client-side encryption library to encrypt sensitive payment data before sending it to Avangate.

Avangate GitHub

Feel free to visit our GitHub repository to download and contribute to our code samples. We also encourage you to submit your own projects related to the Avangate API.


  • Instant Payment Notification (IPN) works as a message service generating automatic order/transaction notifications for your Avangate account. Use the notifications to process order data into your own management systems by synchronizing it with Avangate account events.
  • License Change Notification (LCN) works as a message service generating automatic subscription notifications for your Avangate account.