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One Click (1-click) Ordering for Hosted Avangate Carts



Repeat customers tend to outspend new shoppers by 67%. Avangate supports 1-click ordering for returning customers who paid for their previous orders with Credit/Debit cards. You can facilitate new orders, subscription renewals and upgrades for existing subscribers. Customers get all the benefits of utilizing payment-on-file data and none of the hassles associated with churn-driving cart funnels. 


  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)
  • Boost conversion rate
  • Offer fully PCI compliant ordering experiences

Case study

Bitdefender increased Conversion Rate from 4.8% to 14% and AOV by 12% using 1-Click Ordering – case study.

SingleSignOn for hosted Avangate carts

Streamline the Avangate hosted cart and:

  • Display previously used credit cards for returning customers. 
  • Remove the friction from more traditional checkout experiences.
  • Create checkout experiences for returning customers when offering subscription renewals, new upgrades, upsells or cross sells.

Payment tokenization works with unique customer IDs from the Avangate platform. 

Use case

Custom carts and ordering interfaces  – display previously used credit cards (embedded).  

Embed payment interfaces into sites or apps. Customers get to choose their payment method from those on file.  They complete transactions without:

  • Being redirected to a shopping cart.
  • Being required to provide billing or payment details.

Documentation: Hosted Avangate carts SSO

Check out the Hosted Avangate carts SSO guide.