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Product files manager


Avangate supports automated delivery your digital product files to shoppers immediately after successfully placing an order. The files are stored on Avangate's secure, high bandwidth servers and scanned for malware before being available to your shoppers.


All Avangate accounts.


  1. Upload file size is limited. For larger files please contact Avangate.
  2. Total storage size is limited based on the type of your Avangate account. Contact Avangate for more details.
  3. Download URLs are limited in time and number of tries, to avoid the risk of stolen or resold codes.


  1. Go to Setup -> Fulfillment-> Product files.
  2. Choose a file to upload and give it a display name.
  3. Optionally, give the file a version.
  4. Click Add file.

Upload files and your shoppers get the option to download a fully registered version of your digital products immediately after successfully placing an order.
Avangate sends shoppers emails including download links for the purchased products and they can instantly download these from our servers.


Once the file is uploaded, Avangate scans it for malware. You can see the scan status of the file in the Scan status column:

  • Clean - Product file is clean and is being delivered to shoppers.
  • In progress - Product file is being uploaded and scanned. During a file update process, old files are still available to shoppers.
  • Under review - Product file is being reviewed by Avangate. During this process, old files are still available to shoppers.
  • Malicious - Product file was marked as malicious and is not being delivered to shoppers. If this status is a result of a file update, the last clean version is still available to your shoppers.

Updating files

If you have a new version of a file that already exists, click Edit and follow instructions on screen to make the latest version available to your shoppers. This assumes that the key codes of the old version will still work with the new application.

Shoppers purchasing the Download Insurance Service always receive the latest available files. To keep multiple file versions available, add a new file with a different file version.

Product file availability

Product files assigned to active subscriptions are still available for shoppers to download even after placing a partial refund. To cut shopper access to product files, disable the assigned subscription.

If the total amount of the partial refunds is equal to the total order value, shoppers do not have access to the product file anymore.


Subscription active

Subscription disabled

Partial refund

Product file available

Product file not available

Total refund

Product file not available

Product file not available