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Payment failed (Direct Debit)

Use the variables in the list below to customize the Payment failed (Direct Debit) shopper email according to your needs.  

Variable name Description Test value
BANKNAME Avangate bank name  ABN AMRO Bank Amsterdam
BANKROUTINGNUMBER Avangate bank routing number 0
BANKSWIFT Avangate bank swift code ABNANL2XXX
BUSINESS_COMPANY Avangate company name Avangate
BUSINESS_HOTLINE Avangate support phone +31 88 0000008
BUSINESS_HOTLINEUS Avangate US hotline number +1 (650) 963-5701 / (888) 247-1614
BUSINESS_OPEMAIL Avangate operational email address
BUSINESS_SUPEMAIL Avangate support email address
BUY_NOW_NEW_LINK * Prefilled buy link
COMMERCIALNAME Merchant's commercial name 0
CURRENCY Order billing currency USD]
CURRENCY_ORIGINAL Original order currency (applicable to refunds) 0
ENCRYPTED_MERCHANT_CODE Encrypted merchant code 0
FIRSTNAME Shopper's first name used on the delivery information [John
GENERALTOTAL Total order price [56.50
HAS_RENEWAL_PRODUCTS Flag that indicates whether at least one product has renewal settings 0
IS_RENEWAL Flag that indicates whether at least one product has renewal settings 0
LASTNAME Shopper's last name used on the delivery information Doe]
MYACCOUNT_URL_UPDATE_CC URL for updating credit card information in myAccount 0
MY_ACCOUNT_URL_UPDATE_CC URL for updating credit card information in myAccount 0
NAMES_OF_PRODUCTS Names of all products in the order, comma separated 0
ORDERDATE Order placement date [2017-05-26]
ORDER_AMOUNT_ORIGINAL Original order value (applicable to refunds) 0
ORDER_DATE_STANDARD_FORMAT Standard format used for the order placement date 0
ORDER_FLOW Purchase flow used to place the order 0
ORDER_STATUS Order status 0
PAYMENT_TYPE_INFO English payment method name. Includes last four card digits (if applicable). 0
PRODUCTS[index1].BILLING_CYCLE Indicates how many renewals have been successfully performed so far (on the subscription) 11
PRODUCTS[index1].DISCOUNT Product discount value per product line [2.00
PRODUCTS[index1].INFO Additional product information defined by merchant when generating buy links [Product info 1]
PRODUCTS[index1].LICENSE_TYPE Type of purchased subscription 0
PRODUCTS[index1].PCODE Product code. [P_CODE_1]
PRODUCTS[index1].PID Product ID number 1001
PRODUCTS[index1].PNAME Product name [Test product name 1]
PRODUCTS[index1].PRICE Product unit price [20.00
PRODUCTS[index1].PRODUCT_OPTIONS[index2] 0 0
PRODUCTS[index1].PRODUCT_OPTIONS[index2].OptionText Ignore internal var. 0
PRODUCTS[index1].PROMONAME Name of the promotion applied to the product [Some promotion]
PRODUCTS[index1].QUANTITY Purchased product quantity [2]
PRODUCTS[index1].SHORT_DESCRIPTION Short product description 0
PRODUCTS[index1].TOTAL Total gross price per product line (before applying discounts) [45.60
PRODUCTS[index1].VAT VAT/Sales tax value per product line [3.80
PRODUCTS_DATA[index1].IdProduct Product ID number 0
PRODUCTS_DATA[index1].PRODUCT_SHORT_DESCRIPTION Short product description 0
PRODUCTS_NO Number of products in cart 0
REFNO Order reference number [9xxxxx]
RETRYLINK Payment retry link 0
RETRY_LINK Payment retry link 0
SELLERCOMPANY Merchant's company name [Software Company Name]
TOTALEQUIV The order amount converted to all the merchant's currencies 0
UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK Shopper unsubscribe link 0
UPLOADLINK File upload link 0
UPLOAD_LINK File upload link 0
WEBSITE Website where the shopper placed the order