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Submission and payment time limit


Shoppers have up to 90 days at their disposal to submit the signed Purchase Order form to Avangate, depending on the number of days you set in Control Panel. Failure to upload the pre-filled Purchase Order form ahead of the time limit results in the cancellation of the order. Failure to process the payment ahead of the time limit does not result in the cancellation of the subscription.

Configuring the submission time limit

Set the time limit to less than 90 days if you want, by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Setup -> Ordering options.
  2. Scroll down to the Purchase order enabled option. Make sure the option is enabled and enter the desired number of days for the Purchase order delay field. If you set the value to 1, the shopper receives the the payment notification email only if he uploads the Purchase Order form in the same day and Avangate approves it.

Failure to submit the Purchase Order form ahead of the time limit set in this field results in the cancellation of the order. All purchase orders must be dated and signed according to the guidance provided in the email. If you reject a Purchase Order, the system informs shoppers that you have cancelled the order.

Configure the payment time limit

Important: this feature is available on demand. Contact Avangate to enable it for your account. If you need to apply specific terms to individual Purchase Orders, Avangate allows you to set a custom payment term to any PO, before confirming it.

After clicking Confirm PO, you can either keep the existing payment term and confirm the Purchase Order, or set a new payment term and then confirm the Purchase Order. You can see the changes you make to the payment term in the Order history section.

The maximum number of days you can set as payment term can differ for each account