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URL affiliate checker & tracking


Use the URL Affiliate Checker to keep track of sales generated by members of the Avangate Affiliate Network for services/products that you sell using a third-party ecommerce platform.​​​​​​

  • 3rd party ecommerce provider -> URL affiliate checker -> detects Avangate cookie -> Avangate buy links
  • 3rd party ecommerce provider -> URL affiliate checker -> does not detect Avangate cookie -> 3rd party buy link


In order to use URL Affiliate Checker, the following requirements must be met:

  • The Avangate Affiliate Network is enabled for your account.
  • Products sold through a third-party platform and available to Avangate Affiliates must be configured within the Avangate platform as well, and need to be assigned to commissions lists associated with Avangate Affiliates. Make sure to specify a commission you're willing to pay for affiliate referrals.

How does the URL Affiliate Checker work?

The URL Affiliate Checker enables you to redirect shoppers to Avangate ordering pages when they're referred by an Avangate Affiliate. The Avangate system tracks sales referred by affiliates and ensures that they get rewarded correctly and receive commissions for sales generated.

Installing the URL Affiliate Checker

To install the URL Affiliate Checker replace the Buy buttons links (the buy links placed on your call to actions) with the Affiliate Checker links generated using the Control Panel. Essentially, you need to replace the links on the buy buttons that point to the third-party shopping cart. The Avangate system checks if shoppers come from an Avangate affiliate:

  • If shoppers are referred by an Avangate affiliate (cookie is detected) they're redirected to the Avangate ordering link (Avangate shopping cart);
  • If the Affiliate cookie is not present, the visitor will be redirected to a page of your choice.

URL Affiliate Checker link generator

Follow these steps to generate the affiliate checker link:

  1. Generate a Buy Link for your products using the Avangate Control Panel.
  2. Enter the link generated into the Regular Avangate buy link field.
  3. Specify the URL where shoppers will be redirected in case that no Avangate affiliate cookie is detected.
  4. Click the Generate link button and copy and paste this code replacing your regular buy links.
  5. Shoppers clicking on the URL Affiliate Checker Buy Links will be redirected to the Avangate shopping cart, if an Avangate affiliate ID is detected, or to the third-party shopping cart that you use.
  6. Orders placed by shoppers which used the Buy Links from Avangate affiliates will immediately be visible in the Order search area of the Control Panel.