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Revenue split

Graphical report including only data for finished and refunded orders, spanning the last 12 months from the moment it's generated. The report is designed to offer information on the evolution of net profit, Backup Media profit, Backup Media costs, Avangate fees, Affiliate commissions, tax/VAT, DIS profit, DIS costs, and shipping costs from one month to another.

The data centralized by the Revenue Split report is meant to be as close as possible to the Avangate Sales Report, albeit still estimative, and as such the info may differ from the finalized details.

Total revenue payment currency - this option causes the Revenue Split report to present results for finished and refunded orders settled in the same currency also selected as the Total revenue payment currency. For example, if EUR is the Total revenue payment currency, the results will centralize data from orders paid for by customers in EUR, as well as for orders paid in other currencies, but that were settled in EUR. Only settlement currencies can also act as Total revenue payment currencies. Currency conversions taken into consideration for the Revenue Split report were made using the monthly average currency exchange rate.