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Orders origin


Avangate monitors the source of orders placed by your customers via eStore, and helps you gain insight into shopper behavior and habits.

The tracking set in place enables the Avangate system to provide accurate information on the origin of eStore orders (new acquisitions, renewals and upgrades are all covered). There are three (3) sources for the orders placed by your customers, according to the interface they used to finalize the purchase process.



encompasses all orders placed using the desktop browser version of the Avangate shopping cart


is characteristic of orders placed using the mobile version of the Avangate shopping cart. Note: Mobile is only available if the Avangate mobile shopping cart is active for your account


used for orders involving the Avangate APINote: API is available only if you're using the Avangate API to allow customers to place orders. The API origin is shown regardless of the device customers use to place orders, as long as the process involves the Avangate API

Automatic billing

includes all orders placed through the automatic renewal flow. For products that have renewals configured, customers can opt in for automatic renewal of their orders.

When exporting CSV (comma separated values) files or Excel (XLS) documents, you will be able to find information on the source of orders in the Origin column.