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How to use the Email Marketing program


Avangate's Email Marketing Program is designed to expand your user base and increase revenue with the help of commercial messages sent directly to customers.

You will work with Avangate representatives to put together the promotional email sent to customers and will receive statistics related to the campaign's performance.


In order to be eligible for the Avangate Email Marketing Program you need to collect more than 10,000 email addresses from shoppers who purchased your products using the Avangate system and agreed to receive special offer newsletters.

Once the necessary email addresses have been collected you will join a group of other Avangate vendors similar to you on a waiting list built on a first-come, first-served basis. Avangate does not prioritize vendors, and will include them in the Email Marketing Program when their turn comes.

Are the emails sent only to my customers?

No. The promotional messages are sent to "Avangate Software Special Offers Newsletters" subscribers, minus the customers of your direct competitors.

Similarly, when Avangate sends marketing emails promoting the offerings of a rival company, we'll exclude your customers from the list of recipients.

Note: Selection of recipients is done manually to ensure that only relevant subscribers are targeted and to exclude users when necessary.

How many times can I qualify for the Avangate Email Marketing Program?

At every 10,000 emails brought in the Program you will qualify for a new Email Marketing Campaign, but only one Email Marketing Campaign is permitted per year.

What costs are associated to the Avangate Email Marketing Program?

Promotional messages are sent free of charge. However, Avangate charges an Email Marketing Program Commission (Affiliate commission) fee. Contact Avangate for details on the commission for your account.

Termination of the Avangate Email Marketing Program

You may terminate this Agreement at any time by sending an email message to No refunds will be issued if you terminate this agreement.

Customization of promotional messages

Avangate customizes the promotional messages including your offerings, and will include a range of resources from you that you need to send 2 weeks prior to the date when the marketing message is sent to customers. Materials can include promotional content, banners, product images and description.

You also need to set up a time-limited discount for the promotional email offering a price cut of at least 10%. You'll be required to list rival companies and the products in direct competition with yours.

Marketing emails can be sent worldwide, but you can also direct the messages only to customers in specific countries and regions.

How do I collect email addresses?

Email addresses can be collected during the purchase process. To configure options, navigate to the Email Marketing Program area under Marketing tools:

  1. Checkout page with default checked


2. Checkout page with default unchecked



3. Finish page


4. On checkout and, if left unchecked, again on the finish page

Collecting Email Marketing results

The Email Marketing area displays statistics on the number of collected emails, as well as on the "Collecting power" for the past 30 days. The collecting power is directly dependent on the opt-in selection you make above for your shoppers. Collecting Power (%) = (Number of email addresses collected in the last month *100) / Number of completed orders in the last month.