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Avangate ConvertPlus


ConvertPlus simplifies the process of collecting payments from shoppers using major credit / debit cards, PayPal, bank/wire transfer, iDEAL and SEPA Direct Debit. We’re building and adding new features continually, checkout out the full list of supported functionality and the current limitations.


The new Avangate shopping cart is available to a selected number of existing Avangate merchants starting with November 29th, 2016.


Avangate merchants who already have the new shopping cart enabled can generate buy links for the optimized purchase flow from the Avangate Control Panel.

To enable the new shopping cart on your merchant account, contact the Avangate Product Team.

Generate buy links

Follow the steps below to generate buy links for your products using the new shopping cart.

  1. Login to the Avangate Control Panel.
  2. Go to Setup -> Generate links.
  3. Click the New Cart tab in the Checkout Links area.
  4. Select the products you want to generate checkout links for.
  5. Choose the product quantity.
  6. Click Generate link.
  7. Copy the generated link and add it to your website.

Test buy links

You can test the link before adding it to your website in multiple ways:

  • Copy the link and paste it into your browser’s address bar.
  • Click Test link to open it in a new browser tab.
  • Scan the QR code with a smartphone app to view the checkout page on a mobile device.

Supported payment methods

Avangate ConvertPlus supports the following payment methods:

  • Credit/debit card
  • PayPal
  • Bank/Wire transfers
  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • iDEAL

ConvertPlus is optimized to display popular payment methods based on shopper location. This makes it easier for customers to complete a purchase using their favorite payment method, which will result in a higher conversion rate for you.

For instance, customers in Germany will see payment methods ordered as follows: PayPal / Visa & MasterCard / Shoppers from Brazil will see: Visa & MasterCard / PayPal / Boleto, while customers from the United States will see: Visa & MasterCard / PayPal / American Express.

Purchase flow

The checkout experience is ensured by a one-page checkout flow that enables shoppers to quickly finalize their purchase without spending too much time in the shopping cart.

  1. Shoppers add the products to their cart.
  2. Once they reach the shopping cart they can select product options/plans and add a coupon code (if applicable).
  3. They select the payment method.
    • If they choose to pay by card, they enter the billing and card information and finish the payment.
    • If they choose to pay through PayPal, Avangate automatically takes them to PayPal’s login page and they can complete the payment there.
    • If they choose to pay through bank/wire transfer, Avangate provides them with the required payment details so they can complete the transfer.
    • If they choose to pay through iDEAL, Avangate automatically takes them to the iDEAL page and they can complete the payment there.
  4. Avangate redirects them to the Finish page.

Convert Plus Cart Editor

Cart Editor module allows you to perform advanced customizations to ConvertPlus cart themes, with the goal making the shopper payment experience unique.

Click here to learn how to use the Convert Plus Cart Editor.

Feature support and limitations

Given the continuous developing nature of this project, the new Avangate shopping cart currently supports a limited feature subset of the current shopping cart.

Refer to the feature list below to confirm the availability of the features that you are interested in.



Available cart languages


Billing currencies

All the billing currencies currently enabled for your Avangate account.

Payment methods

Credit card based payment methods, PayPal, bank/wire transfer, iDEAL, and SEPA Direct Debit.

Installments are not supported.


Supports regular promotions:

  • Coupon based
  • Automatically applied

Compact shopping card fields


Automatic renewal




Pricing options


Pricing configuration


Volume discounts


URL parameters

Supports product ID and quantity URLs.

  • Example: &id=id1;id2&qty=5;2

Tax collection and VAT Information Exchange System


Template customization

Supported via Cart Editor.

Up-selling campaigns

Not supported

Cross-selling campaigns

Not supported

Backup media

Not supported

Download Insurance Service

Not supported

Gift orders

Not supported

Custom cart variables

Not supported