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Customize account statements for shopper charges

Customize and personalize the account statement for shopper charges with your company's information or product details. The personalized info will appear on all statements issued for credit and debit card transactions.


Please contact Avangate directly if you wish to start using this feature.


Maximum number of characters is 22 for the custom text and the Avangate reference included on account statements.

How can I customize the account statement?

1. Contact Avangate to make sure your account is eligible for this functionality and to enable the feature.

2. Navigate to Account Settings and then click Edit system settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

3. Insert your custom text in the field available in the Account Statement area.



4. Click Update settings .

Default use

By default, the custom field value is empty and the URL of your homepage set under Account information is used. For example, if your homepage is , the Avangate system will use to personalize account statements until you supply a custom text.

How does it work?

1. Once enabled, your homepage information will be used by default along with an Avangate reference to personalize account statements for your shoppers that used card transaction to acquire your products.

2. After you introduce custom text, the reference supplied is used instead of your homepage. For example, if by default, the system uses avangate |, and you insert Company as your custom text, account statements will be personalized using avangate | Company (max total number of characters is 22).


This feature is designed to help shoppers better identify charges made using their credit cards, reducing the risk of refund/chargeback.