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UnionPay is a payment method available worldwide, very popular in China, Macau, Hong Kong and Singapore as well as other APAC countries. Supported currencies: CNY, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, JPY, PLN, SEK, RUB, BRL, ZAR.


  1. Consumers place orders and choose to pay with UnionPay.
  2. Consumers are redirected to UnionPay and select their preferred authentication method
  3. UnionPay submits the authorization request to Avangate.
  4. The issuer provides feedback with the result of the transaction to UnionPay. When a transaction is successful the funds are transferred to UnionPay.
  5. UnionPay provides feedback with the result of the transaction to an intermediary payment processor.
  6. The payment process provides feedback with the result of the transaction to the Avangate.
  7. UnionPay provides reporting to the payment processor.
  8. The payment processor settles the funds directly into Avangate's local bank account, issues reports and invoices.


  1. What email does Avangate send to shoppers to confirm orders?
    • Avangate send emails similar to those used for the Wire transfer process, treating UnionPay as an offline payment method (not instantaneous).
  2. Does Avangate send follow-up emails for unfinished payments with UnionPay?
    • Avangate sends the same type of emails as it does for other offline payment methods: Bank/Wire transfer, Boleto Bancario, Konbini, Giropay. The first email is sent 7 days after shoppers place their order.
  3. How long does Avangate try to collect funds for an unfinished payment?
    • Avangate performs daily, successive tries to collect funds for orders placed using UnionPay as a payment method for 30 days.